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Since finding out I have HIV I have learnt so much about the virus and about how it affects people living with it. HIV is still misunderstood and because of that stigma still exists. I have heard first hand stories of how deeply this stigma and self-stigma affects people living with HIV and I am determined to change this.

That’s why I have started the Tackle HIV campaign. We need to educate people about HIV, we need to correct the myths that exist around it once and for all and we need to break the stigma that surrounds HIV. HIV stigma can have a negative impact on people living with HIV and we can only change this if people know the facts. I am living with HIV and I am living a full and normal life. I am taking HIV treatment which is working. As such I cannot pass HIV onto my partner. Science and medicine are so advanced but public awareness and attitudes lag behind. I am choosing to Tackle HIV, for myself and everyone living with HIV.


Tackle HIV is a new public awareness and education initiative, led by Gareth Thomas in partnership with ViiV Healthcare and Terrence Higgins Trust. The campaign aims to change public perceptions and tackle misunderstanding and stigma related to HIV. The campaign is funded by ViiV Healthcare.

Tackle HIV will:


Tackle misunderstanding of HIV through public education activities
Tackle the stigma around HIV through creating dialogue around HIV and normalising HIV testing

Without addressing HIV-related stigma and discrimination, the world will not achieve the goal of ending HIV/AIDS as a public health threat by 2030.1

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Do you know the facts about HIV? Take our quiz to find out and help dispel the myths about HIV

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Stigma and discrimination are some of the most challenging barriers we face in tackling HIV

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Tackle_The Virus

Science and medicine have made huge advances in the fight against HIV, find out how


About Tackle HIV

Tackle HIV has been created by Gareth Thomas and ViiV Healthcare, with the support of our charity partner the Terrence Higgins Trust. Tackle HIV aims to correct misunderstanding, change attitudes and break stigma to ultimately make a difference for people living with HIV and people affected by HIV. Anyone can be affected by HIV and Gareth Thomas and Tackle HIV want to change misunderstanding and stigma for good. Throughout this year and beyond we will be working on initiatives that do just that and we need your help. Follow us on social media to find out what’s coming next and get involved.


Our supporters

Tackle HIV is supported by advocacy groups and individuals who share the same passion and objective as us; to stop the stigma that surrounds HIV.

Terrence Higgins Trust | National AIDS Trust | Elton John AIDS Foundation


ViiV Healthcare is 100% dedicated to HIV medicines and research and completely focused on people affected by HIV/AIDS. Born out of a partnership between GSK and Pfizer in 2009, with Shionogi joining in 2012, ViiV Healthcare is determined to help end the HIV epidemic. ViiV’s one focused goal unites its 1100 employees located across over 20 countries, with their expertise in research, manufacturing, policy and more, all guided by ViiV’s mission to be here until HIV isn’t. ViiV Healthcare is committed to providing innovative medicines for people living with HIV globally – focused on finding new medicines to improve outcomes for those living with HIV and to further understand how to prevent and treat the disease. Working with NGOs, HCPs, regulatory authorities, HIV clinics and the wider medical community to help ensure people living with HIV get the most effective care globally. Partnering with communities, NGOs and patient groups across the world to fight HIV stigma and support people living with HIV.


    1. Global Partnership for Action to Eliminate All Forms of HIV-related Stigma and Discrimination. 2018. Last accessed March 2020