In 2019, former Welsh rugby captain Gareth Thomas publicly disclosed his HIV status. Join Gareth and host Craig Doyle as they talk about how Gareth lives with the virus, how others have treated him, and the stigma around HIV. Gareth and Craig will be joined by others from the world of sport to delve into how they have tackled stigma, racism, homophobia and misunderstanding in their own lives.

Episode #1

Kate Richardson-Walsh

Homophobia in sport remains a taboo subject for many at the highest levels, with many athletes and coaches still having to deal with secrecy and stigma. Kate Richardson-Walsh is an Olympic gold medal winning hockey player, who was capped a record 375 times for her country and was England and Great Britain captain for 13 years.  A trailblazer for LGBTQ sportspeople, Kate played alongside and then married international teammate Helen Richardson and in the process made history by becoming the first same-sex married couple to win an Olympic gold medal together. In this episode, Kate chats to Gareth and host Craig Doyle about their experiences of dealing with the stigma around HIV and homophobia and being a gay sports person both in the public eye and on the international stage.

Episode #2

Dion Dublin

The Black Lives Matter demonstrations have shone a light on racial divides and inspired hope that there is an opportunity for meaningful change. Former England football player and TV star Dion Dublin is our guest for this episode, during which he talks about the racism he experienced on the pitch, how he dealt with discrimination then and more recent examples of abuse from strangers. Dion had a hugely successful record on the field for clubs including Manchester United, Aston Villa and Celtic before embarking on a high profile second career as presenter of BBC One’s Homes Under the Hammer. Gareth and Craig talk to Dion about his approach to racism and stigma, his feelings on tokenism and positive discrimination, and how education can help in reducing racism.


Special Episode

Ian Green, Allen Jones (AJ) & Will Ross

In a special edition of the Talking Stigma podcast, Gareth Thomas sat down with Ian Green, CEO of the Terrence Higgins Trust (the UK’s leading HIV charity) alongside Allen Jones (AJ) and his partner Will Ross. AJ is living with HIV and talks to Gareth and Ian about how he felt when he was diagnosed, the stigma that he has faced and how he feels now, a few years on. Will is HIV negative and gives his perspective on supporting his partner and how finding out AJ was living with HIV didn’t affect the way he felt. Gareth, Ian, AJ and Will share their very honest thoughts and feelings about living with HIV and the impact of stigma on themselves and their loved ones. We hope you enjoy this episode, the third in our series looking at how together we can tackle stigma, misunderstanding and discrimination around vital social issues, including HIV. If you do, we’d really appreciate a review and five stars on Apple Podcasts (or wherever you listen to the show). Feel free to get in touch with us with your thoughts, ideas and feedback. We’d love you to find out more about the Tackle HIV campaign by visiting, or check us out on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.

Episode #3

Nathaniel Hall

t’s a Sin is one of Channel 4’s most successful shows of all-time. It’s shattered streaming records on the All 4 platform, but most importantly it’s brought HIV/AIDS into mainstream conversation in a very powerful way.  The worry among many in the HIV community was that the stigma depicted in the show from the early ’80s would resurface. But it’s been quite the opposite. The show has had an incredible response and impact; It has inspired people to go public with their positive HIV status, 2021 saw a record-breaking HIV testing week, and there have been huge increases in people searching for HIV education.

Nathaniel Hall is one of the stars of It’s a Sin, playing Donald Bassett, and is also HIV positive. He’s a writer, performer, and producer and his first play in 2018 ‘First Time’ was all about staying positive in a negative world. Nathaniel joins Gareth & Craig to talk about his initial diagnosis, the burden of keeping it a secret and the impact opening up has had on his life. We hope you enjoy this episode, the fourth in our series looking at how we can together tackle stigma, misunderstanding, and discrimination around vital social issues, including HIV. Feel free to get in touch with us with your thoughts, ideas and feedback. We’d love you to find out more about the Tackle HIV campaign by visiting, or check us out on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.